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[Painting of a face representing the art of AI]

Thriving through the art of AI

Everyone is talking about AI, or Artificial Intelligence. How it can think, how to harness its power, how it will change our world. Yet many of us don’t give a second thought to the not-so-artificial intelligence inside our heads. Without…

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Image of scrabble pieces spelling out LOVE

Anything but fine

There are 170,000 words in the English language -- each a beautiful gift that enables us to connect with each other. Yet how often do we throw away these opportunities by defaulting to fine. Think about it: How are you?…

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Sparrow on a branch in winter

The glimmer effect

Most of us know what it means to be triggered—when something pokes at a tender spot inside us, triggering a not-so-pleasant reaction. Family gatherings are often a hot bed of them. So is watching the news, driving, dealing with…

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Beautiful close up image of a cat with green eyes

The hex of high maintenance

Picky Passionate Proud. This catchy headline spoke to me, along with the beautiful tabby cat featured in the magazine ad. Yes, felines are notoriously finicky -- high maintenance as some would say. Yet, I can't help but admire their refusal…

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Image of compass by PDPics from Pixabay

The levee of little white lies

"I'm fine." Why is this so often our canned response when someone asks how we're feeling? Meanwhile, in her book Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown describes a rainbow of 87 distinct emotions that we could be feeling. Not surprisingly,…

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Puzzle pieces formed into a heart and carved out of wood

The puzzle of finding our purpose

There's a very popular jigsaw puzzle on Amazon called Pure White Hell. The 'picture' is just a blank, white slate. To some, it's an exciting challenge. To others it feels like a not-so-funny April Fool's joke. Either way, it's a…

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Image of a flower shaped like a heart

Healing the heartbreak of betrayal

A betrayal feels like a bomb being dropped on our lives. We’re completely unprepared for the explosion—and we feel helpless as the world we knew and trusted goes up in flames. We'd like to "keep calm and carry on," but…

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Toad wearing a crown

Stop kissing toads

We all know fairytales aren’t real. Or do we? Some of us still seem to confuse a toad with a prince (or princess.) We seem to believe that with enough love (and second chances), our bumpy relationship will magically transform…

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Chalkboard with What's Your Story

Flip the script on failure February

Year after year, the most popular New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. include exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, and save more money. But for all the focus on resolutions, fewer than half of us bother to make a list—and…

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Let it begin with me

We’ve all heard the song, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Written as a hymn in 1957, it’s been sung by everyone from school children to Mahalia Jackson and Vince Gill. We all desire…

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